Sunday, January 24, 2010

lost another pound

I doubt I'll get much sympathy for this, but my current complaint is that I'm losing weight without trying! I lost another pound, a total of 3 lbs lost over the past 3 weeks when I was trying to maintain my weight.

I'm eating within my calorie range and working out almost everyday. According to how I set up my goals on sparkpeople, that's supposed to keep me at the same weight, but I'm losing slowly. The thing is, according to the BMI calculations (which I don't entirely trust...), if I lose 5 more lbs., I'll be considered "underweight," which to me is just as dangerous as being overweight.

Right now, I do mostly strength training and some yoga for exercise. I don't do as much cardio, as I'm focusing on toning and increasing flexibility.

I'm not sure if I should increase my calorie intake a little. I'm afraid of gaining weight, too... I never realized how hard it could be to maintain weight!

Oh, and I had a bit of a setback the other day at work. I had cereal for breakfast at home, then a banana when I got to work. Then I didn't get to eat anything for about 4 hours, which is difficult for me. My blood sugar drops crazy-fast (which is why I eat several small meals & snacks throughout the day), and when my blood sugar gets low, I have absolutely no will-power! Sure, I had fresh fruit, veggies and a sandwich, but instead, I went and bought two candybars! I could have stopped at one, but instead I had two. To make it worse, after work (when I felt better, normal blood sugar), I bought a small bag of potato chips!

I let stress get to me sometimes. I was having a rough day, and I felt like I deserved something unhealthy... I believe I was still within my calorie range (or close to it), but I felt bad for eating junk with little-to-no nutritional value.

Anyway, my goals to work on currently are maintaining (rather than losing) weight, and dealing with stress in a healthier way.

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